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Life is easy. Wrong. Years ago, my perception was as a simple as this. After finishing my Nursing degree back home (Philippines), I felt as if I own the world. The experience was surreal. I was dreamy and then comes defeat. And then you’re doomed, the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be getting farther and farther.

For many reasons, I gathered myself up and tried to overcome these hurdles. If one is unlucky, I would consider myself the superlative of those. Surely, if I didn’t survive those storms, I would have been 6-feet under (just an exaggeration).

My aunt would always lecture me on how ‘real life’ is. Those two words always rang my ears, repetitively. So there would be times when I have to mumble in tears, self-pitying. Why, though? You can’t force the universe to just make everything happen, according to your own inclination. It just doesn’t happen that way. It’s magically designed to fall into place according to its rhythm.

So, what now? Now is the time to embrace what lies ahead. Savor it, live with it and continue those efforts. The fruits of your labor would surely give you the greatest accomplishment you will ever encounter. Be grateful. Spread those wings and look unto the world, tell yourself, you are more mature, sensible and strong. Live each day with gratitude and humility. Love, there’s so much to give and be taken in return. Life will be fantastic starting from now. Don’t forget, goodness is vital, it’s your secret ingredient to life’s complicated recipe.—ANNE


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It seems like I’m walking in a very long tunnel. Dark and cold. The light’s too far away from my grasp. If only I could put an end to what I’m feeling. Not what you’re thinking, but there comes a time when you feel as if you’ve been stripped with all the happiness in the world, then you become numb and cold like the tunnel I’m walking in right now.

For years, I’ve been struggling. For what, you may ask.Β  Struggling to fight away the meanness and insensitivity of people who surround me. I give in, rest my case or walk away from endless bickering & nagging which makes me the coward and the underdog. I’ve done this a few times, not just a few, but many times. There would be no point in explaining at all. You can never defend yourself to a person who can’t hear you (or doesn’t want to listen to you).

I don’t need to be constantly reminded of what I should do and what should have done. There are quite a few things that should just be left alone. Mistakes should be buried, or learn from. Once stumbled, you rise up and not repeat history again. My battles are my own and I should face them alone.

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Weekend’s Over, Hello Winter!

It was far, the nicest weekend for me. On Friday night, we went to a Latin dance club named Caliente. There was a free salsa lesson, I really can’t complain. Most of the people in the club were enjoying the new steps, it was like the time of their lives. We danced and danced and danced. I had one tequila shot, and believe me, it was like a bomb about to explode in my mouth. I’m not a drinker, cause I get itchy when I drink too much alcohol, I just want to try, not to be left out. It was such a good night for all of us, except for my feet that really hurt wearing my super high-heeled dancing shoes.

Saturday. A little stagnant, it is. Just having a quiet time and relaxing, too tired from partying on Friday night. We decided to go Quebec side to buy some new pieces of appliance for my friend’s house. The oddities when you go to a French-speaking province, you’re like lost in space. You enter a store and they will greet you, Bonjour! Ca va bien? Well of course, we would reply, Ca va bien, merci. End of conversation. Bravo! You managed to at least communicate a little…and the next thing we’ll do? Run away. Haha!

The weather was bad that day though. It started to snow. Ahhh crap, this is the part when you hate that there’s the season called winter. When you grew up in a tropical country like the Philippines, you would be really excited to see snow for the first time, well, that was three winters ago. The excitement of seeing snow changed to being pissed off when it’s so cold and you have to wear winter clothes and bundle up, just like a mascot.

So Saturday night, Louis was supposed to come. But he was so tired from partying with friends and can’t make it. Was a little mad at him because he didn’t text me earlier to let me know he couldn’t make it. We just decided to have lunch on Sunday.

Sunday. I didn’t sleep well, it must be the bed or that awful nightmare I had. It was like a horror movie. There was an undertaker and there was a corpse. That’s just weird. I hate having zombie-ish dreams.

12:30pm. Louis’ supposed to come and pick me up. No sign of him. I texted. No reply. I called four times. Nobody’s picking up. What the hell is happening here? So afterwards he replied. O course, he just woke up. At 1 o’clock, he just woke up! And of course I am pissed off. And afterwards he just picked me up and we went to eat at Monkey Joe’s. It was his treat. Maybe he want’s to make up for being late. We were happy, at least.

And Monday came, I woke up 15 minutes before my work and just to see this. Oh, Winter! Here you come again, making our lives harder. We just have to keep up with you.