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The recent viral video of a girl who went hysterical over something at a LRT station somewhere in Manila, Philippines was, how do we call it in our modern language? Epic. Yes, we see this everyday. People do it everywhere. Once in your lifetime, one of us has done what the girl has done in that video. The only difference was, she was caught on video doing that “unacceptable behavior” and people saw it, judged it after. Netizens criticized the girl’s rampage and bullied her online. So, what’s the difference?

Society nowadays is tricked by everything they see on video. It may seem like it but, the whole story might not be present in that certain medium. It’s just a glimpse of the whole story. We don’t have the right to judge the person who’s having an unacceptable way of dealing with situations as someone to be crappy. I lose my temper, we all do.Β 

What’s confusing with the general public is, whatever you do or, whatever you say there’s always somebody behind you who judges you. So what are you going to do? I believe that there’s always a price for the stuff that you do, the way you treat other people and the ways you face any kinds of situation that arise.

So, don’t lose yourself…or else #amajudgeyou. Makes sense? Haha! I hope.