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New Year, New Place in Quebec

The holidays came and went by like a storm that swooped the city. We’re still in lockdown and while everyone was busy breaking their quarantine, I was in the process of moving to another place, another province, as a matter of fact. This time, I’m moving to Gatineau, Quebec. While I’m being so problematic that I won’t adjust well since it is a French speaking province, I believe it will turn out well. I’ve been off for a few days because of my move and so far, I’m loving it. I had a few trips to Tim Hortons and was still hesitant to say “bonjour” back to the person asking my order. I made another trip to the grocery store and while I can’t speak the language, I managed to communicate and ignore the look of disgust from the cashier when she spoke to me in French and I answered back in English. Sorry, newbie here. I’ll try next time.

Overall, I can ascertain that I feel home. My roommate/friend/coworker is the best. She made sure I was comfortable and I couldn’t complain. Moreover, the drive to work was certainly short and you can’t imagine the sigh of relief when I see the Ontario border. I’m still trying not to turn right on a red traffic light and figure out if I’m allowed or not! I got a few honks from Quebec drivers already on my second day. I will get by. C’est la vie.

My friend has a wonderful place. You can feel the warmth and coziness of the place. This year is going to be good.

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COVID-19 and Vaccines: A Guide for Skeptics and Conspiracy Believers Alike

Skeptics. Antivaxxers. Antimaskers. Conspiracy believers. Why do we still have them in today’s technologically advanced world? A part of it, we believe is the lack of information or excessive information obtained from the internet. While pieces of information from the internet provide comfort at times, it may also provide uncertainties and skepticism. You might be reading facts or hoaxes. How do you decipher that? What are the tools that one can use to sort out facts against hoaxes and conspiracies? Fuel your brain with factual information from verified experts and professionals. Interestingly, we’ve found this article from Ponyter about 8 must-reads detail how to verify information in real-time, from social media, users. This article mentioned three different points that just make so much sense on verifying and delivering information from social media and internet:

I find it helps to think of curation as three central questions:

* Discovery: How do we find valuable social media content?
* Verification: How do we make sure we can trust it?
* Delivery: How do we turn that content into stories for a changed audience?

We say, when you read a certain content, compare it against a peer reviewed research or better yet, against a published book with references and cross references. Research is undeniably a great deal of work, but you can only discover the factual answers to your questions by verifying the source. It is very meticulous given that researchers and scientists alloted their time and effort to come up with data that were tested and peer reviewed. Sadly, these works are discredited due to propagandas and short-sightedness of internet users.

The goal of this article is to guide skeptics into finding out what is factual and fictional. In today’s world where our health is mostly at risk, it’s imperative to verify the information. While I’m providing you some links to videos and articles that may change your perspective, feel free to conduct your own research. In return, it may provide the readers a more appropriate choice that would benefit personally and intellectually. We’re not here to argue or prove who is more politically correct. We want to open your eyes as it has been blindsided with overflowing information that can be overwhelming.

We’re all in the middle of this COVID-19 storm. What do we really know about this virus and the vaccine? I’m attaching some verified sources that may help. Read and verify at your own risk.

As explained by a doctor from Johns Hopkins University

So, as the vaccines begin to be procured and roll out from a scientific clinical trial, it fueled so much debates and arguments. But what do we really know about vaccines?

I found this video narrated by a professor from Harvard University.

A professor from Harvard University explaining how vaccine works

And another professor from Cambridge University.

A pathologist from University of Cambridge explaining the COVID-19 vaccine
ZDOGGMD debunks all conspiracies and ding dong comments.

Understandably, some readings may be too much to fathom but this is the only way to quench your thirst for knowledge. If you have to negate the scientists, physicians, researchers and nurses’ advices, you might want to think it over. Everything around you is a product of enormous research by professionals through years of study and hard work. One who discredits these works are contradicting themselves.

After all, Daniel J. Boorstin once said, “ “The greatest enemy of knowledge is not ignorance, it is the illusion of knowledge.” 

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The COVID-19 Vaccine is Coming To Canada This December

With the COVID-19 worldwide fiasco, pharmaceutical companies are racing against time to develop a vaccine that would settle the pandemic crisis. Today, the prime minister announced an important update on vaccine procurement and allocation to Canada. On his speech earlier he mentioned that Canada teamed up with Pfizer for the early procurement and delivery of the COVID-19 vaccine. The government has been working very hard on securing the most diverse portfolios of vaccines available and finally, it was successful.

The prime minister mentioned that the Government of Canada through the National Operations Centre, are working tirelessly with the provinces and territories to procure the said vaccine. There are 249,000 initial doses of COVID-19 vaccine coming this December with pending Health Canada approval. He mentioned that it will arrive next week and will begin to roll out as soon as approval has been established. He also added that shipments will continue to arrive with millions of doses in 2021. This milestone is a continuous effort of the government to protect its people from the deadly virus. Pfizer, public health agencies, provinces and territories are working hand in hand to prepare the first 14 vaccination sites this week. The prime minister wants to assure the public that any vaccine approved in Canada is safe and effective. While the regulatory process is ongoing and experts are working around the clock, Canada’s gold standard for medical approval is upheld to protect Canadians.

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10 Black Friday Deals from Amazon That Are Less than $50

Looking for great deals this Black Friday? You’re absolutely in the right place! Since the pandemic has been straining our budget this year, I found these inexpensive deals that are less than $50 CAD that you will definitely splurge your $$$ on and you would definitely enjoy! What are you waiting for? Treat yourself and your loved ones and to your shopping cart now!

10. Fire 7 Tablet 16 GB

This tablet has 2x the storage and a faster quad-core processor. Enjoy your movies and internet browsing on the go for cheap! This device is designed for entertainment with an access to millions of eBooks, movies, TV, games, apps and songs. Streaming Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ with a tiny price to pay. Click here to buy.

9. Blink Security Camera

For a budget of less than $30, this security camera comes with 1080 HD video, motion detection and night vision. See the inside or outside of your home with its infrared night vision. This wonderful camera can be connected to your smartphone and alerts you whenever motion is detected. The camera also includes a functionality to hear and speak through the Blink app. Perfect for individuals who have pets at home or just for the sake of peace of mind. Click here to buy.

8. Everlasting Lumbar Support Pillow

This support pillow is made with 100% memory foam. Get your back pain relief with a proper support and universal curved structure. This cushion can be placed anywhere along the back of a chair or seat for upper, mid or low back pain relief. It’s also hypoallergenic and with a 3D breathable mesh that’s machine washable. Start living pain free for under $50. Click here to buy.

7. Rigoglioso Air Purifier

This portable and compact air purifier can fit in any small room or spaces. The HEPA filters keep your indoor fresh and clean and releases no harmful substances as it filters. The one touch switch is equipped with a blue LED light which turns into sleep mode to dim light. It also powers off after 8 hours of continuous use. Ideal as a soft night light, this is perfect for everyone who has a small space! Click here to buy.

6. Kbaybo Aroma Diffuser

This inexpensive aroma diffuser is remote controlled and with 7 Colour LED Change ideal for your office, home, bedroom and living spaces. Come home to a relaxing aromatherapy that will relieve your stress. This diffuser is equipped with 4 timer options that creates a soothing environment. The water tank can be filled up to 550 ml and lasts 6-12 hours. With its adopted ultrasonic technology, it’s guaranteed to make you work and sleep quietly. Click here to buy.

5. WIFI Range Extender

Having problems with your WIFI connection at home? This wifi repeater eliminates dead spots in your home with weak wifi coverage. Admit it, nobody wants a slow wifi connection. It is easy to install and this extender enables you to expand your wifi connection and connect any wired device. It comes with Ethernet port for boosted speed and performance. Click here to buy.

4. Peyou Selfie Desktop Ring

Trying to record your vlogs, selfies and take the perfect photo? This selfie ring light comes with a tripod stand and flexible phone holder. It also has three lighting modes, white, yellow and warm yellow. The 360 degrees rotation angles enables you to choose the best angle for your photography and live streaming activities. It is USB powered and can be connected to any device. It comes with a bluetooth remote shutter which makes it possible to take photos as far as 30 feet. Compatible with Android and iOS, this device is perfect for photographers, vloggers or anybody who wants to take that perfect shot. Click here to buy.

3. Timovo Stylus Pen for iPad

If you don’t want to spend your money on an Apple Pencil, this stylus pen is for you. It’s equipped with palm rejection technology that ignore palm touches and write naturally on the screen. No pairing is needed as this piece of wonder can be written directly on the iPad or iPhone. It’s USB rechargeable and provides 20 hours of continuous use. It also comes with a bonus tip and sleeve. The upgraded tip can be screwed and installed securely without any tools, durable and will not scratch your screen. This is a great pencil at a fraction of the cost of the Apple Pencil. Click here to buy.

2. Coralov Galaxy Star Projector

Welcome to the newest generation of projectors! This projector has a variety of colours combined with dynamic night sky projection of different speeds, creating a relaxed, romantic, colourful starry skylight. It is remote controlled with a speaker and USB socket. You can select your favourite music via bluetooth or USB. The automated control timer will automatically shut off at a preset time. This projector is an ideal gift for family and children and may be suitable for various occasions or just an indoor decoration. Click here to buy.

  1. Fire TV Stick HD

Originally $59.99, this stick provides powerful streaming plus convenient TV controls in full HD. The audio clarity is enhanced by Dolby Atmos audio offering a home theater or surround sound with almost any speaker configuration. Its voice button enables to easily ask Alexa to find, launch and control content. The stick supports your favourite apps such as Netflix, Youtube, Prime Video and play music on Spotify. The compact design plugs directly into an HDMI port and can be tuck neatly behind your TV. It’s easy to install, plug into your HDTV, connect to the internet and enjoy! Click here to buy.

Tell me about all your purchases!

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COVID-19: The Unseen and the Unyielding

Chaos. Fear. Uncertainty, fueled by the unseen enemy, COVID-19. When is this going to end? Did the statistics go up? How much people have recovered? Worse, how many fatalities today? These are the questions that curb our mind everyday. Never have we ever checked the news this much before the COVID19 pandemic. The traffic in those websites must be explosive. It’s almost similar to the anticipation of vote counts during election, just the opposite.

Before the COVID19 pandemic, man was preoccupied about their own needs and interests. In fact, the influx of technology and information has taken over the world and our lives. Similarly, man has disregarded the basic values of humanity. In other words, respect, empathy and compassion were completely forgotten. Despite some government warnings and recommendations to stay home, news of large gatherings are still rampant, a cringe-worthy moment. Certainly, the pandemic highlighted the ugliness of the human behavior. By all means, man has no regard about others but themselves. We have become self-centered and selfish. We have seen the worst in mankind within a few months of 2020. Altruism and good character are dead. Indeed, we have to restart and emphasize what really matters to our children. We are building the next generation of self-obsessed, uncaring and obnoxious generation.

Months later, here we are. We are still facing the same problems as the government continue to find the cure and vaccine. America is in chaos. China continues to shrug its shoulders. The world is in the verge of collapsing despite the technological ad medical advances.

How did we get here? The virus has its prime consequences however, it is up to us to realize what’s vital. After all, our enemy is not COVID19 but ourselves.

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Life is easy. Wrong. Years ago, my perception was as a simple as this. After finishing my Nursing degree back home (Philippines), I felt as if I own the world. The experience was surreal. I was dreamy and then comes defeat. And then you’re doomed, the light at the end of the tunnel seems to be getting farther and farther.

For many reasons, I gathered myself up and tried to overcome these hurdles. If one is unlucky, I would consider myself the superlative of those. Surely, if I didn’t survive those storms, I would have been 6-feet under (just an exaggeration).

My aunt would always lecture me on how ‘real life’ is. Those two words always rang my ears, repetitively. So there would be times when I have to mumble in tears, self-pitying. Why, though? You can’t force the universe to just make everything happen, according to your own inclination. It just doesn’t happen that way. It’s magically designed to fall into place according to its rhythm.

So, what now? Now is the time to embrace what lies ahead. Savor it, live with it and continue those efforts. The fruits of your labor would surely give you the greatest accomplishment you will ever encounter. Be grateful. Spread those wings and look unto the world, tell yourself, you are more mature, sensible and strong. Live each day with gratitude and humility. Love, there’s so much to give and be taken in return. Life will be fantastic starting from now. Don’t forget, goodness is vital, it’s your secret ingredient to life’s complicated recipe.—ANNE


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It seems like I’m walking in a very long tunnel. Dark and cold. The light’s too far away from my grasp. If only I could put an end to what I’m feeling. Not what you’re thinking, but there comes a time when you feel as if you’ve been stripped with all the happiness in the world, then you become numb and cold like the tunnel I’m walking in right now.

For years, I’ve been struggling. For what, you may ask.  Struggling to fight away the meanness and insensitivity of people who surround me. I give in, rest my case or walk away from endless bickering & nagging which makes me the coward and the underdog. I’ve done this a few times, not just a few, but many times. There would be no point in explaining at all. You can never defend yourself to a person who can’t hear you (or doesn’t want to listen to you).

I don’t need to be constantly reminded of what I should do and what should have done. There are quite a few things that should just be left alone. Mistakes should be buried, or learn from. Once stumbled, you rise up and not repeat history again. My battles are my own and I should face them alone.

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How to Get There

Screenshot 2015-08-25 21.20.25Just one of those nights when sleep doesn’t come at all. Playing my thoughts around with life’s struggles keep me up all night. From a day’s exhaustion of endless working to being alone in the four corners of my room. My body says rest, yet my mind is just beginning to awaken. But I wish I could think of happy thoughts at this point. Sadness seeps in. The reason? Unknown. My tiredness comes from dealing with the people around me. I can’t, I just can’t.

My life was simpler then. Simpler but happier. Or maybe I got older. Sometimes, I wish I have a magic wand to undo my mistakes in the past. It’s eating me. I can’t get by. Maybe I need someone to help me. One thing that I need is a person to talk with. Someone who would listen and not judge me of who I am. The internet can provide me all the answers I need, but it doesn’t console me totally. It doesn’t listen to me.

Maybe I’m looking for something which I haven’t found yet. Or I will never find. How do I get there? Only time will tell.

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So Winter is Here.. Finally!

After being in Canada for more than two years, seeing the snow is still a novelty. Every time the winter comes, I am still excited but a little frustrated. It’s the time of the year when you get to bundle up and endure the extreme cold weather. I remember one time when it was pretty cold and my feet were frozen that I can’t even wiggle my toes anymore, it just sucks. I thought I am going to lose my toes!

What’s more frustrating is everybody goes shopping and the malls are packed with people especially on the weekends. They’re rushing to buy some presents. As Christmas draws near, I am missing home. Christmas in the Philippines is not as white as it is in Canada but my family and friends are there.





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Weekend’s Over, Hello Winter!

It was far, the nicest weekend for me. On Friday night, we went to a Latin dance club named Caliente. There was a free salsa lesson, I really can’t complain. Most of the people in the club were enjoying the new steps, it was like the time of their lives. We danced and danced and danced. I had one tequila shot, and believe me, it was like a bomb about to explode in my mouth. I’m not a drinker, cause I get itchy when I drink too much alcohol, I just want to try, not to be left out. It was such a good night for all of us, except for my feet that really hurt wearing my super high-heeled dancing shoes.

Saturday. A little stagnant, it is. Just having a quiet time and relaxing, too tired from partying on Friday night. We decided to go Quebec side to buy some new pieces of appliance for my friend’s house. The oddities when you go to a French-speaking province, you’re like lost in space. You enter a store and they will greet you, Bonjour! Ca va bien? Well of course, we would reply, Ca va bien, merci. End of conversation. Bravo! You managed to at least communicate a little…and the next thing we’ll do? Run away. Haha!

The weather was bad that day though. It started to snow. Ahhh crap, this is the part when you hate that there’s the season called winter. When you grew up in a tropical country like the Philippines, you would be really excited to see snow for the first time, well, that was three winters ago. The excitement of seeing snow changed to being pissed off when it’s so cold and you have to wear winter clothes and bundle up, just like a mascot.

So Saturday night, Louis was supposed to come. But he was so tired from partying with friends and can’t make it. Was a little mad at him because he didn’t text me earlier to let me know he couldn’t make it. We just decided to have lunch on Sunday.

Sunday. I didn’t sleep well, it must be the bed or that awful nightmare I had. It was like a horror movie. There was an undertaker and there was a corpse. That’s just weird. I hate having zombie-ish dreams.

12:30pm. Louis’ supposed to come and pick me up. No sign of him. I texted. No reply. I called four times. Nobody’s picking up. What the hell is happening here? So afterwards he replied. O course, he just woke up. At 1 o’clock, he just woke up! And of course I am pissed off. And afterwards he just picked me up and we went to eat at Monkey Joe’s. It was his treat. Maybe he want’s to make up for being late. We were happy, at least.

And Monday came, I woke up 15 minutes before my work and just to see this. Oh, Winter! Here you come again, making our lives harder. We just have to keep up with you.