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10 Black Friday Deals from Amazon That Are Less than $50

Looking for great deals this Black Friday? You’re absolutely in the right place! Since the pandemic has been straining our budget this year, I found these inexpensive deals that are less than $50 CAD that you will definitely splurge your $$$ on and you would definitely enjoy! What are you waiting for? Treat yourself and your loved ones and to your shopping cart now!

10. Fire 7 Tablet 16 GB

This tablet has 2x the storage and a faster quad-core processor. Enjoy your movies and internet browsing on the go for cheap! This device is designed for entertainment with an access to millions of eBooks, movies, TV, games, apps and songs. Streaming Netflix, Prime Video and Disney+ with a tiny price to pay. Click here to buy.

9. Blink Security Camera

For a budget of less than $30, this security camera comes with 1080 HD video, motion detection and night vision. See the inside or outside of your home with its infrared night vision. This wonderful camera can be connected to your smartphone and alerts you whenever motion is detected. The camera also includes a functionality to hear and speak through the Blink app. Perfect for individuals who have pets at home or just for the sake of peace of mind. Click here to buy.

8. Everlasting Lumbar Support Pillow

This support pillow is made with 100% memory foam. Get your back pain relief with a proper support and universal curved structure. This cushion can be placed anywhere along the back of a chair or seat for upper, mid or low back pain relief. It’s also hypoallergenic and with a 3D breathable mesh that’s machine washable. Start living pain free for under $50. Click here to buy.

7. Rigoglioso Air Purifier

This portable and compact air purifier can fit in any small room or spaces. The HEPA filters keep your indoor fresh and clean and releases no harmful substances as it filters. The one touch switch is equipped with a blue LED light which turns into sleep mode to dim light. It also powers off after 8 hours of continuous use. Ideal as a soft night light, this is perfect for everyone who has a small space! Click here to buy.

6. Kbaybo Aroma Diffuser

This inexpensive aroma diffuser is remote controlled and with 7 Colour LED Change ideal for your office, home, bedroom and living spaces. Come home to a relaxing aromatherapy that will relieve your stress. This diffuser is equipped with 4 timer options that creates a soothing environment. The water tank can be filled up to 550 ml and lasts 6-12 hours. With its adopted ultrasonic technology, it’s guaranteed to make you work and sleep quietly. Click here to buy.

5. WIFI Range Extender

Having problems with your WIFI connection at home? This wifi repeater eliminates dead spots in your home with weak wifi coverage. Admit it, nobody wants a slow wifi connection. It is easy to install and this extender enables you to expand your wifi connection and connect any wired device. It comes with Ethernet port for boosted speed and performance. Click here to buy.

4. Peyou Selfie Desktop Ring

Trying to record your vlogs, selfies and take the perfect photo? This selfie ring light comes with a tripod stand and flexible phone holder. It also has three lighting modes, white, yellow and warm yellow. The 360 degrees rotation angles enables you to choose the best angle for your photography and live streaming activities. It is USB powered and can be connected to any device. It comes with a bluetooth remote shutter which makes it possible to take photos as far as 30 feet. Compatible with Android and iOS, this device is perfect for photographers, vloggers or anybody who wants to take that perfect shot. Click here to buy.

3. Timovo Stylus Pen for iPad

If you don’t want to spend your money on an Apple Pencil, this stylus pen is for you. It’s equipped with palm rejection technology that ignore palm touches and write naturally on the screen. No pairing is needed as this piece of wonder can be written directly on the iPad or iPhone. It’s USB rechargeable and provides 20 hours of continuous use. It also comes with a bonus tip and sleeve. The upgraded tip can be screwed and installed securely without any tools, durable and will not scratch your screen. This is a great pencil at a fraction of the cost of the Apple Pencil. Click here to buy.

2. Coralov Galaxy Star Projector

Welcome to the newest generation of projectors! This projector has a variety of colours combined with dynamic night sky projection of different speeds, creating a relaxed, romantic, colourful starry skylight. It is remote controlled with a speaker and USB socket. You can select your favourite music via bluetooth or USB. The automated control timer will automatically shut off at a preset time. This projector is an ideal gift for family and children and may be suitable for various occasions or just an indoor decoration. Click here to buy.

  1. Fire TV Stick HD

Originally $59.99, this stick provides powerful streaming plus convenient TV controls in full HD. The audio clarity is enhanced by Dolby Atmos audio offering a home theater or surround sound with almost any speaker configuration. Its voice button enables to easily ask Alexa to find, launch and control content. The stick supports your favourite apps such as Netflix, Youtube, Prime Video and play music on Spotify. The compact design plugs directly into an HDMI port and can be tuck neatly behind your TV. It’s easy to install, plug into your HDTV, connect to the internet and enjoy! Click here to buy.

Tell me about all your purchases!

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10 Affordable Amazon Gift Ideas You Will Surely Love

Bring these clever and inexpensive solutions to life’s everyday problems back to your friends and watch as as they revel in excitement with these useful and affordable products. Go ahead and add these items to your cart right now! Your family and friends will thank you — even your wallet.


This hip digital clock has a LED alarm is a must buy. It also has a mirror surface which can be used for makeup with 3 levels of dimming mode and brightness. Also a dual USB cord ports can be found on the side. It comes in white, black-blue and black-white. CLICK HERE TO SHOP.


If you’re an iphone user, this power bank has a built in lightning connector. It’s very compact and light. Works with iPOD and iPhone 6 and up. It comes in two colours, black and white. CLICK HERE TO SHOP.


Love your lattes? This milk frother has 4 different settings from hot to cold plus also has a steamed milk setting without any foam. CLICK HERE TO SHOP.


This portable and compact blender is USB rechargeable. You can also use the blender while charging. Make morning smoothies in the car, office or everywhere you go! It’s easy to clean and dishwasher safe. The bottom is also detachable so you can just grab and go. This product comes with a mini ice cube maker to accommodate the smaller blades. CLICK HERE TO SHOP.


Know anybody who always lose their keys? Where is your phone right now? This product is a compact key holder with smart technology. It holds up to 10 keys. Also comes with a Tile app to make your Keysmart Pro play a tune so you can find your keys faster. This smart key holder has a button to make your phone ring even on silent. It also includes a flashlight, bottle opener and loop piece for a key fob. CLICK HERE TO SHOP.


Keyboard on-the-go for your iPhone and tablet? This foldable pocket size keyboard has a bluetooth technology and works with iOS, Android and Windows. If you’re tired typing on your touchscreen, this gadget is for you! It comes with a free stand with 6 adjustable angles. The built in lithium battery can be used for 40 hours of continuous operation or 180 days on standby. CLICK HERE TO SHOP.


This massage gun comes with 5 different types of massage heads to target different muscle groups. The high torque brushless motor provides powerful, deep tissue stimulation and is also extra quiet. It has a multi output cooling system for longer lifespan. The massage gun comes with a zipper carrying storage case. It comes with a rechargeable battery and works over 5-7 hours. CLICK HERE TO SHOP.


Winter is coming and this portable hand warmer is ideal with the cold weather. Say goodbye to frozen fingers in seconds! It offers two sided source of heat for 8 hours on 3 levels of temperatures. Ideal for outdoors and camping, this gadget also provides muscle relaxation with body aches and pains. It’s durable, skid proof and shock proof. CLICK HERE TO SHOP.


Perfect for students and note takers, this smart pen record everything you write and hear so you’ll never miss a word. Replay meetings and lectures by tapping on your notes. Transfer notes to your Mac or Windows PC where you can review, organize or share your notes. CLICK HERE TO SHOP.


This affordable waterproof smart watch is touch screen with 3 levels of adjustable brightness. It includes a 24-hour continuous heart rate monitoring and track calories burned. It also analyzes your sleep quality. Connect to your fitness tracker with your phone and receive notifications from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and SMS. It alerts you when you receive a phone call or a text message.This smart watch supports iOS and Android. Charging takes up to 2.5 hours and lasts for 7 days with regular use and 35 hours on standby. CLICK HERE TO SHOP.

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