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Realizations: Lessons in Life

antLife brings us various challenges everyday. The people we meet, the experiences we have, the winnings and losses we acquire; and the never ending struggles we have to face, mold us to a more resilient individual that could brave any storm that comes along.

Strength is a powerful word, however, we only learn that we possess this specific power when we are faced with the most difficult situation. We often wallow ourselves in misery and self-pity because we want to play the victim. Playing the victim is the easiest solution to resolve our problem. It does not require any thinking and reflection thus, it continuously buries our strength in the depths of our soul. Strength will be unused and we would end up in the darkest tunnel. End result? Angst, misery and frustration. If we get lucky, we will end up being depressed and life has slowly ticked away without us realizing it.


The people we meet would play a significant role in our lives. They may bring joy, pleasure, sadness and disappointment. At the end of the day, this roller coaster of emotions may affect our outlooks in life. We never realize how much the emotions we invested on these people. Happiness, joy and pleasure should start within ourselves. Disappointments are normal. We may be disappointed because we expected other people to act according to what we wanted and when they do not meet our standards, we end up feeling angry and frustrated. It was never the other people who made us feel this way. It was all along, ourselves. Expectations hurt. Misery is a choice. Happiness is doable. It is only us who could make these unnecessary feelings go away and choose living our life again, happily.

The winnings and losses teach us a lesson. One day, we would be in a total bliss due to successes and endless opportunities. Next thing, failures. The latter is more difficult to deal with. Failures would make us question our capabilities. What am I? Am I worth it? Should I continue doing this? Will I still succeed? Should I just quit? Again, quitting is never the best option. Take time to reflect and fix the problem. There’s a reason why winning and losing are together. It promotes a constant balance in our universe. Instead of quitting and losing hope, channel the frustration to create something unique. Learn from it. Your weakness is your strength. Utilize everything and the next thing you know, the remnants of your losses will lead to a path of greatness.


Prepare yourself to meet new people, face more challenges, learn new lessons and more importantly, let yourself grow into a more mature individual. Be strong, you got this!


Filipino-Canadian. Lives in Ottawa, Ontario. Full time frontliner, part-time scribbler.

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